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Genome Club

A Club For All The Lost Terran Souls

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All Members
Gather here ye lost ones of Terra
A club for those that like to roleplay genomes or genome based creatures online.
Genome fans are also accepted as members.

Rules and Such:

Roleplay is accepted but try to keep it PG13 *eye twitch*

You can talk about anything you want in here, any gripes or stuff like that, just don't blame us if some of the responces are unhelpful

Links to genome related art, fiction and such are more than welcome.

Links to other genome, RP or FF communities are allowed at this time. The same goes for any Kuja, Zidane, Mikoto and FF9 shrines you may make or find.

Newbies should be aware, one of our members has a habbit of killing n00bs...

We regret to report this community is closed membership because it's core maintainer has enemies, sorry about that..

Current Memeber : Genome Production Number:
Makoto Tantalius Tribal - 227
Callisto Tribal - 229
Annomaly - AlphaOmega

Please contact Genome_227 or Genome_229 if you wish to join.

**Terra Out**
blonde genomes, brunnette genomes, dark genomes, ff9, final fantasy 9, genome, kiyasa, kuja, lifa tree, life energy, mako, role play, terra, tribal, zidane